EF-SCADA Pack for EAST Framework

This is an attempt to collect MOST of interesting public and especially PRIVATE (commercial) SCADA exploits in a one exploit Package.

To achieve this goal we participate in SCADA vulnerabilities sharing program , carefully scan the web for new public info, conduct our own [0Day] research.

Pack is updated each month with 1-3 [0Days] and 1-3 public ICS vulns.


EF-Armo Pack for EAST framework

The Pack contains modules for Network Equipment, routers, widely spread Web related software, Defensive software.  The main goal is to provide fresh valuable info for pentesters.

Pack is continuously enhanced and now contains more than 50 modules.
To keep exploit pack always actual, we provide monthly updates with 3-7 modules for most valuable fresh vulns.


SnappingTurtle Zero-day Exploit Pack

The SnappingTurtle Zero-day Exploit Pack is comprised entirely of web application exploits for zero-day vulnerabilities.

Only exploits for critical vulnerabilities such as remote code execution are considered for inclusion in the SnappingTurtle pack.