EF-SCADA Ultimate [0Day]  ICS Package for EAST Framework

This is an attempt to collect MOST of interesting public and especially PRIVATE (commercial) SCADA exploits in a one exploit Package.

To achieve this goal we participate in SCADA vulnerabilities sharing program , carefully scan the web for new public info, conduct our own [0Day] research.

From initial 1.0 version EF-SCADA Package contains more than 50 exploits for well known ICS and SCADA software and controllers  of such vendors as Siemens, GE, BECK GMBH, ABB, CodeSys, Labview, Rockwell, Samsung, Advantech, Carel and others…

SCADAs affected include:  ClearScada, Datarate, RealWin, WinCC, Indusoft, TraceMode, Invensys WonderWare, Iconics Genesis, IntegraXor, Cogent, DaQFactory, AtWin, Carel Plantvisor, Elipse, FanUC, PowerNet Scada, PCVue, Promotic, TraceMode and others


The EF-SCADA [0Day] Pack features:

  • Growing value for ICS pentesters !
  • Most Fresh Stuff: valuable 0day SCADA vulns appears First! in EF-SCADA package
  • Focused on ICS software & hardware environment. Not only SCADA, but also Industrial PCs, Controllers, HMI, smart chips, industrial protocols, industrial telecom equipment, Databases are reviewed.
  • Modules and tools aimed to test such weaknesses as hardcoded passwords, brute force etc.